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Fuel consumption:

About 3,2 to 3,5 /100km unleaded fuel. If consumption is steadily more than 4 litres then You should necessarily synchronize the carburators !
Oil consumption: There should no measurably oil consumption, if You ( hopefully ) make an oil change every 3500 km or more often.

Drive-Belt Can last more than 40.000 km if You maintain it from time to time with a little bit of vegetable oil (no joke!)
Handling Due to little weigth it is very handy. Problems with shimmy or oscillation are not nature of the bike. Often bad bearings or tyres or saddlebags are the cause
Lifetime of engine The engine can last over 100.000km despite their high rotations. What is essential for such a lifetime is an oil change at regular intervals and soft revs as long as the engine is cold
Warm-Up If the engine is cold the engine-head is lubricated only with old oil from the las tour! So You have to avoid high revs and strong acceleration until motor-oil is warm. It needs about 25km to reach optimum working-temperature of 100° to 140° (Celsius)

My receipt:

Kilometer Revolutions
<3km 3000 - 4000
3-15km 2500-6000
15-25km 2500-8000
>25km max.

Remember: cold oil is pasty and cannot pass small openings.

Remember: one wheelie with cold engine is the same wear as a 1000km tour