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Accessories for GPZ305

More Power: In Germany the GPZ-305 was shipped with 27hp. The vacuum-valve in the carbs is longer so it could not open completely .Orginal lenght for 34hp is 47mm , restricted to 27hp it is 53mm long. See here.

Under 7000 revolutions per minute there is no signifcant change, between 7500 and 9000 there is a little more power. The top speed is about 10 km/h plus.

Oil temperature In motobike accessory there is an oil thermometer which replaces the oil-filler cap. Due to some restrictions (the short thermo-element has no direct contact to motor-oil) ist always shows 20° Celsius less than the real temperature. Ideal engine temperature ranges between 100° - 140° Celsius.
Oil pressure There is a connection thread for an oil gauge.
Fork protection Rubber bellows from MZ ETZ 150 fit perfectly !
Luggage rack See here