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Repair hints for the GPZ305

Generator Look here how to repair a generator !
Drive Belt It is exclusivly produced by Bando for Kawasaki.Bando has also yared ware, but it has nearly the same price as the original belt. There are some other ones for industrial use and they are cheaper quite a lot.

But: they have not kevlar-reincorced and not covered with nylone, so they are not oil- and gasoline-resistent and very much weaker !

Only one economic solution: Use a complete chain kit from the first GPZ-models (EX305A) which could easily be mounted. Only the other way round is not possible: the sprocket for the belt could not be mounted on the gear-shaft of a chain-driven model but vice-versa it could :-)

Sprocket How can I loosen that damned nut?

No problem with Lothi's special nut resolving tool :-)

Let it sit against the (unmounted) sidestand-switch and You can use quite a lot of torque. It is recommendable to soak the nut with rust-releasing-oil for some days before You begin to work

Wiring Harness (Head lamp) If You have forgotten how to plug the contacts in the head-lamp look here
Side-cover: I am looking for clues how to repair these covers. Please mail me or make a posting in the forum


If someone has any experience with repair, please mail me or make a posting in the forum